Corporate Packages

Team BONDING LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE DONE BEFORE. treat them like the vip's they are with one of our shockingly good hospitality packages.

Have a SCREAM and bring the team together

Prepare for a night you won’t forget. Leave reality at the gates and go out of your mind as The Howl returns in 2021 with 5 haunted attractions. Dazzling special effects, immersive scenery and its full of live actors. Live music, street food, games and one hell of an atmosphere.


Take it further, add the extras, make it unique to you

  • Original The Howl Merchandise
  • Tailored The Howl / company branded Merchandise
  • Videopgraher, capturing every fright and reaction 
  • Branded photo booth
  • Add a DJ, shake the Monastery
  • Demon Bags 
  • SFX tutorials 
The Howl


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