Extra Screams

For a small extra fee, there is even more fun to be had at Shocktober Fest this year...

Full 2021 line to be announced in the Autumn 



Feel the blood rush through your body with the powerful force and speed of X-Treme. Get thrusted 40 metres in to the sky, and pulled back to earth at over 50 miles an hour! Can you take it?

Zombie Paintball

Think you’re a good shot? Prove it! Load up, take aim and fire!!

Corn Blasters


Corn Cannons - Ear defenders ready and corn cob in hand… load up the cannon and send your corn cob soaring! Incredibly addictive, this boys-toy is a favourite for everyone!

Pumpkin Chuckin' - Let rip catapulting real pumpkins at defenceless targets - simply great fun.

The Joker


Clowning around doesn’t get as ludicrous as this. Take your place and prepare for a hilarious experience, bouncing and spinning and losing your mind! Roar with laughter on a one of a kind ride!

Midway Games


ROLL UP ROLL UP, take a chance, take a punt! Smash the cans off the alley and try your luck hooping the zombie hands! The more you try, the more chance to win! Plus here's your chance the get hold of some official Shocktober Fest and Tulleys Halloween Merchandise in the midway Merch Kiosk.